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Buying Chester County or Berks County Foreclosures


Buying directly from a Chester County or Berks County bank is preferred by many because it is a more methodical, predictable and non-emotional process than buying from the distressed seller. For banks, it is all about the bottom line.



Not all REOs are good deals. Many banks want market value in order to recoup as much of their losses as possible. Others are more concerned with liquidating of their REO inventory as these non-performing assets have a negative impact on their books. We have the experience and expertise to negotiate with motivated lenders that want to move properties fast. 


If you are an investor or buyer looking for lender owned value-priced properties give us a call at 484-256-7956.


What is a Foreclosure Listing?


Foreclosure is a word that conveys the fear and dread of financial ruin, while for others it infers a positive economic opportunity. Regardless of the perspective, it is possibly the most misunderstood term in real estate market.  A simple definition of a foreclosure is:  

  •   A bank taking possession of a mortgaged property as a result of failure to keep up with their mortgage payments.
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